Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Utter annoyance

You know what's awkward? And often annoying?

Dealing with people at the airport. God, do I hate the airport sometimes.

It's the only place in the world where I have to show my ID a gajillion times, get possibly passed through a bomb scanner, everybody is up in my stuff, and then I have to wait (possibly with an overpriced coffee) to get squished into a flying tin can for flights that can last on average, about 4 hours (Example: Denver <-> Tampa).

Mean the while, I had a little dilemma yesterday in communication. US Airways, decided to keep me here in Boston because their flight to Charlotte had been delayed, thusly, I would have missed my flight connection there home to Sarasota.

I tried to ask them why and if there was obviously any way to get me there to connect, as, obviously I'm missing class and I HATE that when I can avoid it, but, no dice. No matter how many times I tried it, and trust me, I tried. Blocked. Denied. My train of thought < US Airway's train of thought (and business model).

So then also began the social awkwardness of calling my friend up (who had used the T network to get to Logan in the first place) and telling her I needed to crash for another night. Then I had to get over to South Station. Then there was an air of confusement as obviously I was supposed to have been GONE that day.....but I wasn't.

The theme of this post- airlines can be rather sucky and crush all your plans with a simple "I'm sorry, your flight is delayed.".

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