Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I shipped up to Boston

So, hello, blog! I'm here on Spring Break in Boston (also doing work while I'm in Boston because I'm staying at a friend's house who graduated from Ringling last year as a CA...not that far away from interwebs and a scanner and tablets!).

It feels really nice to be among friends again. Most of my friends who I was friends with at Ringling graduated last year (I switched majors so I had to study an extra year), so, I was so happy to land at Logan, and find friends waiting for me.

Most people at school know me as a quiet sort of person. Except my real friends, and well, then I really open up to them......

Another interesting thing that has happened thus far on my break- I saw one of my cousins who I haven't seen for, well, about six years in person. He goes to school in this area, at Northeastern, majoring in Nursing. I wasn't quite sure how to open it up, and he wasn't either. So it was sort of like we were strangers for a bit, you know 'how are you', then proceeded to talk about another relative topic- school.

I talked to him about how busy I was with my senior project and annoyances with real life. He talked about how he was pulling 12 hour shifts at Mass General and annoyances with real life. Talked about family, who I hadn't seen for awhile. Talked about COMIC BOOKS!. It was probably around the comic books moment when we finally started to feel a bit more comfortable around each other.

By the end of the night it was awesome. Maybe because we're family, it's something you really can't change. You need to be there if you can for each other. It's just a socially accepted way of life, otherwise you're seen as something taboo.

But I wouldn't shun my family! That's horrible.

(And besides, apparently, I found out, if I get into comic books, even if it's just coloring, I will have three fans- my two cousins, and my uncle. LOL!)

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