Monday, March 14, 2011

Con stuff

Conventions of all sorts can drive me up a wall.

I don't like massive crowds at all.

Yet here I am, at PAX EAST, to get contacts for an industry I'm interested in (gaming), but part of me has been hanging back in the background somewhat.

I get overwhelmed by the masses of people after awhile- all the noise of people, all the interacting between people you don't know- it eventually burns me out.

In particular, when it comes to job/talking to professionals, I lock up a bit. I spoke to a few people from various studios (UDON, Oni, and Turbine) about positions in their studios that were available/tips on how to break into them.

God, did I feel so nervous while talking to them! I don't have stuff to show them right now, and I'm not really that sure my work is up to the level it should be for submitting it to companies.

Sometimes I think Ringling, needs to be in a major city where I wouldn't feel as nervous getting into the art industries. For an art school, it has a distinct disadvantage in that it's in the middle of effin nowhere. Hmmm.

But, I did talk to a few people who have likeminded thoughts like I did. And with them, it was easy to open up conversation, because we had a relative subject, and socially, we felt we could relate to each other somewhat.

(well, okay, one of the fellows was almost 30, and here I am, only 22, but...)

So I had some conversation hiccups during the con, but well, after spending so much time in my art batcave at school, who could blame me? I don't have many friends I talk to on a daily basis there. Most of the time there I go to class, then go back to my dorm, work, rinse, repeat. Hmm.

But it was great to get out for spring break, even if I had to bring work and business along. I felt...alive again.

Hopefully I can feel alive again, after I graduate. But I have work in FL to finish.

(As much as I'd love to stay in Boston until I die....but...)

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