Friday, April 1, 2011

Lenses, hmm?

"Creative people view the world through profoundly different lens than most. Many do not see things the way you do...people have to see the world through different lens." - Malcolm Gladwell at Ringling College

I would agree with this statement, at first glance, although, I'm not sure it necessarily just applies to 'creative' people. Really, it a broad statement- nobody can see the world the same way as another. We all have our experiences, and each of us may share some (I went to Ringling, I went to X school, grew up in Y town, moved to Z city), but others, well, are specific, and those too, make up who you are.

Perhaps creative people just see the world as something that is not just interacted with (as most people do on a daily basis), but something to be inspired by, and to try and take which they are inspired by, and create something totally new from it, their own vision of how they see the world.....

Or maybe it could just be a way of saying, not many people go to an expensive, classy art school like I have done. Ha ha. Who knows. I realize we all see things differently, but, I try not to think much of the differences as a bad or selective thing, but as a good thing, that I can take, work with, and then hopefully get something entirely new and interesting from it.

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