Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inspirations #1

So here I'm supposed to take a little time out to write about a person that inspires me...or something.

I must admit, lately, my inspirations have been few. Lots of stress, lots of no freetime. When you don't have much time because you're working on my thesis, going days without proper sleep, your thoughts aside from whatever is going on that piece of paper or Photoshop start to become very, very nil.


I suppose, with some ambiguity, my inspiration at the moment is change. That's the only word I can use to explain this thought. Maybe freedom, as well. Maybe because I'm spending day after day doing the same grind.....I'm looking forward to things changing.

Things never stay the same anyways, supposedly. Right now I'm busy working, and turning in job applications for positions not just in the US, but all over the world, so more change hopefully will happen. Even if I manage not to get a job between now and the end of the term, things will still change- I will be going home to continue that search, (hopefully with degree in hand).

If there was never visible change in my life, I would be very, very sad. I must admit, I am more of an observer, than an outspoken person, I must admit. At least right now in my life. Quiet, sometimes. (most of the time.) But I use those observations none the less, to interact with the world, and I enjoy it.

So here's to hoping I'll never get caught and put in a box or a room where I'll never escape from (jail)? Otherwise I'm not sure I could go on with this life.

Life is interesting when you are in it. It's not, when it feels like it's passing you by. And if you are unable to make changes in your situation, then you feel, really, really bad.

I'm also at a point in my life where major changes are going to happen, no matter what I do. Graduating college. Going on with my life. Pray that it's a good one, in these hard times for this country, and not bad. So in that matter, sometimes I fear change as well as enjoy it. The fear of the unknown is common anyways, with humans. What's around that corner next? Will I be able to control it? Or will I fail, and what consequences will it have on my life?


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