Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh god, where did the time go?

My head hurts. I'm exhausted. I suppose this is a similar theme of seniors, as we prepare our final projects at Ringling, attempt to pack, and try and be social with everybody who is coming together to celebrate another class who has jumped through the 4 years of flaming art school hoops and survived the ordeal.

Excuse me while I push out all my thoughts out in a few posts, but, that seems to be the status quo with my life lately. Everything aside from my senior project was on the backburner, and some aspects, even, which I regret. My social life, for one (imagine that, it's a good reason why I've been kinda sketchy on the posts...sorry). Like....

I barely speak to my roommates.
Aside from labs I spend very little time with people and it's nothing regularly.
I had to try and concentrate this year without a support network (long story but primarily because that support network I previously had, well, graduated the year before leaving me here for another year in limbo).

Pair that with yeah, preparing to leave this place into that big, scary, real world, and....

I am going to like, curl up in a ball in my home in WA and just SLEEP for a week straight.

Sometimes I liken Ringling to a somewhat abusive partner. It means well, but, at times, it has no consideration for its students, letting them fall if they so choose to, or not, it means not much to it, it will survive none the less.

It could be worse though. At least I'm still somewhat sane. At least I'm not this kid.

(Okay, that was random, but um...yeah...out of things to say on this post- time to reflect on a few more things)

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